Day 61

Oh what a day!

After what has been one of the most difficult weeks in my life I had a real “high” of a day. In quick succession I had three great meetings and I want to share them with you.

Often we say in English, “It was a pleasure to meet”. That is polite and shows respect for the person you met. Today, I can say, “It was a privilege to meet”



3) Whiptail Cycles I am totally humbled by the support I have received by Ben at Whiptail Cycles. Last year he sorted Bjorn’s bike when others had failed. This year he has excelled even beyond that. I literally poured a collection of parts from the crashed bike on to his workshop floor and asked him what he could do with that jigsaw puzzle. He was not phased by this and said that a bike was a collection of spare parts and it was simply a matter of putting them all together again. Please compare that with another shop who were looking to sell me a new bike at 1200 GBP without even seeing my damaged bike. What I did not see was a huge poster saying that they could not take any more repairs until further notice! Ben remembered Bjorn and knew of the project and promised to assist. Today I collected the bike that was now all in one piece after he had re-assembled it and had given it a full service. I am embarassed to mention the price. Ben, it is a privilege to know you and as a small token of my appreciation I hope you will accept being a “friend”of the project. Respect!


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