Day 48


I am struggling to think of a day where there has not been some highlight to help me cope with the physical, emotional and mental challenges.

Today there were two.

1) A superb BRX meeting at the Marriot, Preston. A great meeting in a superb venue ….although sadly outside refugee budgets

and then

2) Ed Nash kindly arranged an invitation to a Barclays Bank seminar. My first reaction was, “Oh no. A seminar run by a bank.” I think realised that if Ed had recommended it then it must be worthwhile. He was right. I was wrong. The presenter was the superb Geoff Ramm. Entertaining, informative and a consummate professional. He kept a packed room hanging on his every word for almost three hours and when you consider the quality of entrepreneur in the audience that was some feat. I was delighted to have a chance to speak with Geoff in private and I would very much like to do a gig with him in his native North East this autumn.

I definitely recommend you check his site and follow him on twitter.

So another 5am start and it was almost 3 before I set off for Kendal. To be honest, I was ready for bed but knew there was a 5 hour journey ahead. I stopped off at Morecambe where I was unceremonioulsy escorted off the building site that is their new stadium. (Their previous stadium at Christy Road is almost a Sainsburys. IMHO they will NOT be ready for the beginning of the season and I can see them forefiting home advantage at least for the first few weeks of the season!

By chance I passed their neighbour’s ground but I do not think that the Football League will allow them to play on the Lancaster City ground just a few miles down the road.

From there it was a two hour plus trek to Kendal where Stuart Nelson and his wife Sharon had kindly offered to host me. Food, water, a shower and clean sheets were enough to excite me but the 21″ screen on a Mac was also pretty exciting too! Remind me how sad I am!


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