Day 45

On the floor again ………until Jody helps out

Jody who owns both Widnes Local and Runcorn Local promised me some work at yesterday’s meeting and true to her word she arrived at 11am with four boxes of the excellent magazines for me to deliver around Crofton about four miles away. She paid me in advance and that absolutely saved my day as I did not have enough money for the hotel and as she was with me they asked me to settle the account. Talk about perfect timing, Jody you saved my day!

So, I spent most of the day delivering magazines but I did get to see Spain against Paraguay and the highlights of Argentina against Germany. Villa was as impressive as usual and the game’s only goal ensured that Spain will now play Germany who must feel confident after their 4-0 drubbing of the Argentine team.

Alan Higham the BNI Director for Durham and Cumbria has kindly invited me to his home on Sunday so I have survived the weekend. Let’s hope all the debtors pay me on Monday!


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