Day 42

Another early start and I was at my first ever BRX meeting. I have been in regular contact with Ed Nash for several weeks and I was delighted at last to catch up with him.

BRX is similar at BNI in its aims and objectives and I was delighted to meet an enthusiastic group of business owners in the prestigious Imperial Hotel on the North Promenade in Blackpool. I was shown great hospitality and I got an incredible five contacts at football clubs from no less than four members. A very worthwhile crack of dawn alarm call for me! Thanks all.

Special thanks to Ed for the introduction and to Fiona Reid from Ascroft Whiteside for going the extra mile and generously scouring her contact list.

I had a very pleasant stroll along the promenade after the meeting and recognised that Blackpool like so many cities I have visited in England on this tour has improved beyond all recognition. There is huge investment being pumped into the town and its 2500 hotels and boarding houses are clearly now catering for the needs of the guests of the 21st century. No longer are you locked out all day, the bedrooms are clean and have all the facilities we have become used to on our travels. The (in)famous Blackpool landlady who was the butt of some many Les Dawson and Bernard Manning jokes has made way to owners who know that they have fierce competition and that they are now dealing with discerning clients.


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  • Edward Nash:


    great to have you at the Imperial where all the party conferences have been held over the years. We all wish you the best in your quest and hope that you might visit us again


  • It was a true pleasure to meet you and yours for the first time. One cannot fail to be impressed with the heritage and history of the building but it is people who build business and organisations. I thought that both the hotel and BRX had quality people in abundance. A great start to a great day!

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