Day 40

It’s Monday. It’s a new week and I have rested up well at my friend, Mike’s home over the weekend. I have been beaten at snooker, golf and tennis and enjoyed a 7am swim and an 8am breakfast. All good so far!

…..but it gets better! I spoke to Peter Oliver in Burnley’s Media department and he immediately invited me down to the legendary Turf Moor. As I arrived, Chris Gibson (photo) approached me with a cheery “You’ll never make it on that bike!” Chris introduced himself as the Catering Manager and told me of all the cycle rides he has been involved with at the club to raise money for the club and its community programme. Last year, for example, they cycled to all the 20 Premier League Clubs. As you can imagine we had lots in common. He kindly gave me a tour of the stadium and organised a shirt. THANKS.

He also introduced me to their “Clarets Learning Zone” and within minutes I was invited to give a talk to the children later in the day about my project.

So, I changed a few plans and returned to Turf Moor in the afternoon. I spoke at “Playing for Success” which is an out of school study support programme for 9-14 year olds. It focuses on raising standards in literacy, maths and ICT skills. It is based at the Turf Moor ground itself and Burnley FC must be praised for getting so heavily involved in the project. RESPECT.

I had a wonderful time with the children and they have promised to read this and to follow me every week. They were very keen to learn all about my journey, my favourite football club and even at their age they laughed when I said Gillingham. That’s not fair! They wanted to know why I had red arms (sunburn), whether I got tired or hungry (yes!) and whether I washed (no comment!) They also listened when I told them about refugees and how lucky we all are in England. They know where Spain is and have a better idea where Sweden is. They told me which grounds to go to next (Accrington Stanley and Blackburn) and hoped that I wore my helmet all the time. I promised I would start from tomorrow. Yes, it was a fun 30 minutes and I enjoyed being with you all, children. Listen to your nice teachers and you will learn a lot. Please write to me and let me know how you are all getting on. Bye Bye Steve The Cyclist.


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  • Lisa Hyde:

    Thank you very much for coming to speak to us at Playing for Success, it was really interesting. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  • Steve Hall:

    Hi Lisa.

    It was a great pleasure for me to meet you and your children. They all seemed very nice and asked some excellent questions which proved they were listening closely.

    I hope that you will all follow me

    Kind Regards


  • furqaan khan:

    it was a great meeting you at turf moor in playing for success and i liked having pictures taken with you, i am the one with the blue jumper round my neck.One day i will follow you on your journey
    good luck

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks for your message. It was a great pleasure for me to be able to meet you and your friends. I remember you very well as you asked me lots of very interesting questions.

    I have now also been to Accrington Stanley and Blackburn Rovers. Tomorrow, I will go to Blackpool. I have a question for you now. Blackpool are famous for the colour of their shirts. What colour is it? Can you and your friends answer that? Blackpool is also famous for a very tall building. Which building is it? (I have a clue. There is another one like it in Paris?

    Good luck with the questions.

    Cyclist Steve

  • furqaan khan:

    thanks for your reply.The coluor of the shirt is orange,and the tower is blackpool tower.I hope i have answered them right please let me know

  • Steve Hall:

    Yes, Blackpool play in an orange colour. The official name for the colour is tangerine.

    Yes, Blackpool is famous for its tower.

    Well done, young man. Your teachers should be proud of you.

  • Steve Hall:

    You are famous! Your photo is in this week’s newspaper. Please tell all your friends!

  • furqaan khan:

    thanks for putting us in the spanish newspaper hope u remember me, and be safe on your journey

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