Day 38

I am usually tired, hungry, thirsty and my whole body aches. I have no idea where I am going to sleep most nights when I wake up every morning. Well, that is not exactly true. ON THIS JOURNEY, I am usually tired, hungry, thirsty and my whole body does ache.

On the other hand, in “real life” I am normally relaxed and free from pain. A cup of coffee and a pizza are normally within reach and I have a choice of homes in Spain and Sweden. I do not have the challenges of a refugee. Lucky me!

Nevertheless, I need to rest up for a few days and one of the highlights of the tour is meeting up with long-time friend and all round good guy, Mike from Burnley. We have not worked together for 10 years and yet we have always kept in touch. He has been to Spain and now I am back with him. An immaculate house, clean sheets, wifi, running hot water, a washing machine …… and……security. Bliss! So, again, I am away from the challenges that the refugees face but just for a few days I need this sanctuary. I also need somebody to talk to – somebody who is not umbilcially linked to the project and somebody who can help me come to terms with everything that is going on.

The day started well with a great breakfast and then Mike suggested a game of golf. Now, there is more chance of me supporting Man City than turning into a golfer but I enjoyed the game and in fact had my best score in 30 years or more which pleased me. To be honest, I also had my worst score in 30 years as Mike comprehensively outplayed me. Never mind, a pleasant day on a course with great views over my beloved Pennines.

Then it was chance to catch up on my blog, follow Bjørn’s progress and deal with a pile of emails. Sadly, I fell asleep at the desk almost as soon as I started and then it was off to see the USA versus Ghana. One of the questions Bjørn and I often get asked is about how much football we watch on our tours. The answer is VERY little and I would definitely watch much more in Spain. So, it was good to walk to Mike’s club to watch a whole game uninterrupted. A deserved win for Ghana and the end of the line for the USA. A boost for African pride and long journey home for the New World players and fans ….. including Bill Clinton.

As we walked home, Mike and I did what millions and millions of football fans do every week. We speculated and opined about the next match. Gary Lineker, Kevin Keegan and Motty eat your hearts out… Mike and Steve have the real deal on England and Germany. On paper, this and this should happen and one of the teams will go through to the next round …..but football is not played on paper and what matters is what happens on the pitch at 3pm UK on Sunday.

A late night chat with a great friend, a cup of coffee and an early night. The end to a “perfect day” Sadly, a day very very far removed from the life of the refugees we are trying to assist.


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