Day 29

The Best of Bury Exhibition

Wow! What a fantastic exhibition this was and how pleased I was to be able to contribute and attend.

After 3 days of solid canvassing in Prestwich and Whitefield, it was exciting to arrive at the venue. Everything was well organised and presented and it was clear that all the preparation had paid dividends. An excellent event where the BestOfBury genuinely showcased the best of Bury. Congratulations to all at the BestOfBury on a superb evening.

This was definitely a real highlight of the trip and not least because the organiser’s sister-in-law attended. I had not seen Sisina for 30 years and it was an absolute pleasure to see her again and meet her children. She was just as gorgeous and bubbly as she had been all those years ago and I really enjoyed catching up on what had happened to her since 1979! Let’s make sure it is not so long next time, Sisina.

During the day, I had met the professionals from Cookson Cycles who gave me some good advice on all things to do with bikes. Nice guys and happy to share their knowledge. Thanks.


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