Day 137+ 290

What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours …as the song goes
What a difference a year makes, little hours

So, exactly one year ago today

1) I was allowed out of hospital after my cycle crash …..I can’t say I remember much about that


2) Spain won the World Cup against Holland with a great goal by Iniesta

….and to be honest, I can’t remember a single thing! I don’t even remember whether I watched the match live. I do know that my great friend over many years, David Blight and his family were kind enough to host me as I recuperated but did I watch the match? I guess I should ask David. If we did watch it where were we? At your home, in a bar? I have zero memory.


365 later. All is well, I safely finished my ride after 137 days Manchester United have won the Premiership again, Real Madrid won the Copa Del Rey and Man City and Arsenal flattered to deceive ….once more. Oh and Gillingham threw away promotion when it was easier to go up than stay down! Some things never change.

Also Björn has done another MEGA-ride.

Here’s what the Shirt looks like today. Unbelievable. It takes TWO cranes to lift it.

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