Day 127 + 35

Jan Heidenstrøm

Great start to the day: I heard from my friend Jan Heidenstrøm this morning that his new CD is out and doing well. For those who want to know more please visit his site and ….enjoy! Who knows: this year Sivert Høyem and next year perhaps Jan himself! It would be good to get Jan over to Spain and get him some gigs in the Scandinavian clubs and bars on the costas! Let’s see!

The situation in the Western Sahara is becoming more and more tense – I have had reports of journalists with full accreditation being refused flights in and of another death of an innocent. This time a young boy. As always with the refugees, they are the world’s forgotten. If you can publicise their plight in any way, please do so. Details as always courtesy of Martin Dewhurst on Ecademy.


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