Day 127 + 32

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1. URGENT! URGENT! Hundreds of Moroccan military vehicles head to Camp Liberty. Have also cut off all communication-

2. Without doubt, Morocco is losing roles, reason, and its dubious credibility with the international public opinion, maintaining this siege senseless and avoiding the entrance of the camp of food, water and medicines. Camp, consisting remember children, elderly, unarmed women and children.

3. The Intergroup on Western Sahara Solidarity with the European Parliament denounced the situation of the 12,000 Saharawi men, women and children peacefully protesting outside the major cities of the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

These 12,000 Saharawi literally emptying Laayoune, Smara and Bojadour to protest against the untenable political situation and socio-economic genuine inhabitants of these territories.

4. On the other hand, members of the Intergroup on Western Sahara denounced newly established camps are being monitored by the Moroccan army. The MEP’s expressed deep concern about current events and asked the Moroccan government to withdraw its security forces in the area.

The Intergroup stresses once again that the EU should demand that the Kingdom of Morocco to respect international law and all UN resolutions relevant to enable the people of Western Sahara to decide for themselves their own future through the holding of a referendum on their right to self determination.

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5. About half past eleven, dozens of trucks of the Moroccan army attacked the protest camp, held in Laayoune. The military has thrown stones against the Saharawi at that time trying to access the site, causing injuries and even an accident that has left eight people in a LandRover in the hospital. The occupation forces are using bulldozers to surround the camp by building a barricade of five feet, made of stones, trying to avoid the LandRover access to the camp in the desert.

6. (Comment) Sahara In The Heart outrage at the lack of reaction by the international community.
Powerless to do anything for my brothers Saharawi occupied territories.
Revulsion at the thought that there are beings so ruthless as the Moroccan repressive forces.
And above all, proud of my people who are resisting with patience and heads held high and his dignity intact.
From a variety of sources close to the people involved in the exodus.


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