Day 127 + 14

Kill All Negative People

When I was cycling along I often used to sing songs to myself

This was a “favourite”

Gee, but it’s great to be back home
Home is where I want to be
I’ve been on the road so long my friend
And if you came along
I know you couldn’t disagree

It’s the same old story
Everywhere I go
I get slandered
I hear words I never heard in the Bible
And I’m one step ahead of the shoe shine
Two steps away from the county line
Just trying to keep my customers satisfied

…….slandered, libeled? Yes, often but never enough to upset me

BUT I’d hate if anybody called me negative so I do have a certain sympathy with this estate agent. (Steve having any sympathy with any estate agent must be a world first!) The photo probably does not do justice to the garish colours!

Apparently Managing Director Ivor Dickinson was inspired by a presentation from Tim Smit, founder of the Eden Project.

“Tim said that his mantra at the Eden Project was ‘Kill All Negative People’. I so empathised with this statement because let’s face it, there is no room for negativity in this world that we live in, that I decided to adopt it at D&G.”

Unfortunately, the journalists writing for the national press do not seem to have heeded Mr Dickinson’s warning. Both the Daily Mail and Guardian lead with the story of the biggest UK monthly house price fall since records began.

(Story/Photo from Global Edge, words Paul Simon, sarcasm mine. all mine!)


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  • Hey! a cool one!

    Know you have landet but trust me… your brain will not “land” before 3 weeks is gone…


  • Steve Hall:

    Know EXACTLY what you say. Sitting here thinking about walking/cycling Maunu-Smygehuk next year. Maybe UK again, maybe around Spain….maybe ……

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