Day 125


Just when I thought I had had all my highlights on this journey, along came the Ecademy BlackStar day at Little Venice, London. Held at the Amadeus Centre just yards from the Regents’ Canal it was superbly organised by Andrew Horder. From 9 in the morning until 7 in the evening it was an opportunity to meet my fellow members of Ecademy. Whilst I had met a few of the attendees before it was great to meet so many that I had only previously “met” in the virtual world. One thing that this tour has taught me is that the virtual world IS great but the real world is still better!

I was privileged to give a 30 minute presentation to the members and although it was the longest I had ever given and it was very off the cuff I was reasonably happy with it. Now, anybody who knows me will be surprised with this statement as I am hyper-critical of my own efforts so I guess it must have been OK. The audience seemed happy with it and that is, of course, all that matters. No, I did not use the latest audio-visual props. No, I did not give flashy hand-outs on USBs or DVDs. Yes, I did talk from the heart and yes I did cover the tour “warts and all”. I thank Judith for offering up her spot so that I could give the main presentation and I particularly thank Andrew Horder for organising an excellent day and I certainly look forward to attending future events.

Yesterday was also an important day internationally as it was “World Peace Day”. This is of course especially relevant to the refugee cause as so many of the world’s 45 million refugees are suffering just because of the lack of peace (to deliberately understate the situations) in many countries. It was therefore particularly poignant that I should be presenting on World Peace Day. It was equally gratfiying to see Ecademists donate some fantastic prizes to a raffle and to see the two excellent auctioneers raise a total of 1500+ GBP. Respect to all who donated the prizes and those who bid so generously.


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