Day 121

Wycombe Wanderers Come To The Table

Some people “get it” and some people don’t. It was ever thus on this tour and Wycombe’s Ben Campbell most definitely did. After a short but very challenging ride from Rickmansworth (plenty of hills around Wycombe!) it was good to get a warm welcome at the much-upgraded Adams Park stadium. Within minutes I was on the pitch and having photos taken. We had a pleasant chat and soon I was off again. This time it was on to my last ground outside Greater London – Reading. As I hit another hill I realised that the tour was nearly over and I spent most of the next two hours going through the highlights of the previous four months in my mind. The welcome I received at Wycombe was a highlight!

Before the trip to Wycombe’s ground I had the pleasure of attending BNI Concord in Rickmansworth. I had heard much of this chapter and had been encouraged to go by a number of members and directors. It was indeed a flagship chapter and although I thought I had seen many excellent chapters this was as close to a model meeting as I saw. The chapter is actually the second oldest (a Harrow Chapter is older by just one day!) chapter in the UK and I was not suprised to see many members who had been with the chapter for 5,7,9 or even longer years. Yes, BNI works.


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