Day 115

My first live rugby league game in 10 years!

After ticking Stevenage off my list of 92 it was a mad dash to Hemel Hempstead to catch the cup game against Underbank from Holmfirth. Sadly, my little legs did not want to go as fast as my bigger heart wanted them to so I did not arrive at Hemel Way until half-time when the Stags were winning, Sadly, I must have been a jinx as the away side overturned the deficit and came away with a disappointingly easy victory. Still it was good to go back to the club and see a (part of) game.


2 Responses to “Day 115”

  • Janice Westfall:

    Sounds like you’ll have a good time with that! So, Amigo, back in Espana any time soon? All the best..still keeping you in our prayers..Janice

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks, Janice. In London at the end of the “vuelta” just a few London clubs to tidy and I leave this “green and pleasant land” on 25th.

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