Day 112


I have to say that if some clubs “get it” and others don’t then Ipswich Town most definitely DID! I got a super welcome from all at Ipswich including the legendarily grumpy security guys! Camilla got me pitchside within minutes of arrival even though a reserve game was just about to start, asked about my tour, took photos and advised the local press. A true professional. Thanks, Camilla and thank your charming receptionists ….other clubs take note! So, Ipswich take their rightful place among others like Oxford City, Chesterfield, the two Nottingham clubs and others too numerous to mention who have made my journey that little bit easier.

When you arrive at a place like xxxx xxxx after days in the saddle to be met with somebody who fobs you off with, “We don’t really have anybody who deals with people who cycle 100 days to see us” then as a tired and weary traveller one does wonder whether they should have a front-of-house role. Compare that with the welcome I got at the Maids Head Hotel in Norwich when the ladies seemed to think it was their pleasure that I had checked in to their superb hotel! Thanks to all at this beautiful hotel and thanks especially to The Best of Norwich for arranging this.


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