Day 103

It’s all good news!

The last few weeks have been absolute disasters financially and I have really struggled to get sponsors. For that reason I was delighted when Carolyn Williams oragnised a raffle at the Swansea events last week as otherwise the refugee budget would not have been able to cover this weekend’s accommodation. Thanks Carolyn and thanks to all at BNI Waterfront. You saved the week. Today I got some great news that I have a sponsor for the next week! I think Rob is a bit shy about being thanked but it’s a HUGE thanks to you, Rob. You know who you are even if you don’t want the world to! Eighty euros should see me through until next weekend and I hope to have some more sponsors as I get nearer London where I have many friends and contacts. Here’s hoping!

BUT BUT BUT ….. much more important Bjørn has announced his plans for NEXT summer.

On his blog he writes

Norway is ca 2500 km. If you take Norway out of a map and turn it, then it goes al the way to Italy, so yes!! it is a long country…

I have found that you first have to say it, then write it on the wall, then hang a note on the refrigerator.

Then comes the vision writing, goals, a methodology of “tools” and start training and planning.

Now I’ve said it and written it and hung the note on the refrigerator. New patches and huge sheet shall be made, made and hung on the wall. There is 1. Vision 2. Goals and 3. Methods

Visions Nr one has started: “what should I do and see – what shall I make – for me and who?”.

“How, how fast / slow, what should be achieved, for whom and how much can be measured? Should I create pr / media for UNHCR/NRC and @refugees as in 2009/10, or any other? Should I do other collection? I know one thing and that is that “The Shirt”, will be extended and used. I do believe it is the world’s greatest symbol of uniting and it should be extended.

Methods and tools;
Ski, kayak, bike?
Pr, media, presentations to raise awareness?
Spinning shows in 20 cities? (Spinning Norway to South Africa in an hour with pictures and cool music)
As last time without sponsors or with?
Fast and play super fit – or slowly and experience? ”
What should I collect other then football shirts? Stories, food, culture, photos, beer signs, flowers, sunsets??
What does collections lead to?…

I know I’m going to collect more examples and metaphors of motivation, willingness, exploring, and controlled insanity. I know I’ll make more on the topic of “community” and “methods for the PR and media.” I know that communication is a core …

Norway lengthwise is to be carried out and I hope you join the journey from today. Thats the writing on the walls and notes on the refrigerator..


Bjorn Heidenstrom

Meanwhile, back in the saddle. A VERY early start before a tough day. Actually it was my earliest ever start for the toughest ever day. It started with a slow 6 mile climb and progressed to steep hills and then steeper hills. Delighted to arrive ahead of schedule in Yeovil – safe and well. The bike is parked up for the night at a pub with the friendliest landlord of the trip. Say “hi” to Pete at The Quicksilver Mail in Yeovil. He thinks I’m mad but quickly sorted food and drink, so that’s good enough for me. If you, your car or bike can make it, the pub is at the top of Hendford Hill and it’s worth the climb! Loads of CAMRA certificates and the cheapest water and blackcurrant in the UK. Something for everybody then!

Gorgeous weather and the first time it has not rained in 10 days. Life is sweet …..oh and Man City lost last night. It does not get better LOL.

Looking forward to BNI Ivel after a good night’s sleep!


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