Day 100

Torquay Come Up with the Goods! BNI come up with the Goods again.

I was delighted to be present at the Ten Tors Inn for a superb breakfast meeting. It came as absolutely no surprise that director Chris Fleet came up with a contact at Plainmoor and 45 minutes I was chatting with Darryl Haggan the Torquay United website & programme editor. Top guy – football through and through and also gave me great directions out of town which must have halved the distance back to the ring road! He was a credit to the club and Torquay United (unlike their neighbours Plymouth Argyle) are a club whose results I will now look out for. Come on you Gulls!

All hail also to Chris Wood from Wotton Printers. He saw I did not have business cards and within two hours produced 500. That makes him a worthy “Sponsor of the Day”. Huge thanks to both men called Chris!

So, a day which had started so badly ended up being successful. As Bjørn used to warn me, “Expect HIGH highs and LOW lows.” He was correct.


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