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Posted: 20th 11 2012

As soon as I announced my little “joy-ride”, my friend David Long from 4Com PLC in the UK was quick to wish me well. Today, it’s my turn to wish him well as he gets on his bike but does not get wet or run down by “White Van Man”. He’s a bit busy pushing the peddles but sent me this:

4Com have a long standing relationship with Variety the Children’s Charity. As a company we have sponsored a Sunshine Coach, with another on the way soon. Our staff also give up time to help at events such as the big day out at Bournemouth Pier recently, and raise money for local projects.

On the 29th and 30th of November, a team of 4Com employees, will attempt to cycle 1,000 kilometres in 30 hours.

Not even Sir Chris Hoy or Bradley Wiggins could do that!

So how will we achieve it? Well, we are cheating a little bit. We have two top of the range exercise bikes that have been loaned by the fine folks at Wattbike www.wattbike.com (big thanks to Ben at Blue Soup Communications, one of our customers, for sorting that out) and we will be using both bikes in a non-stop relay through the night to try and achieve our target.

“Why are you doing this?” I hear you ask.

Well, it’s really quite simple. We want to raise £2,777 to buy a car seat, a very expensive car seat. It’s for a special young lad called Liam who lives in the Bournemouth area, who earlier this year was just a normal 4 year old, running around and causing mayhem – it’s what they do best. But then he became sick, very sick. He was rushed into hospital six months ago with a perforated bowel which turned into septicaemia leaving him with severe brain injuries.

Liam has since lost all his motor skills which the doctors do not believe he will get back, as the part of his brain for motor skills has been damaged. Liam also has to be fed through a gastro tube. He just lays in bed all day now unless his Mother can take him out in a specialist car seat which at the moment he doesn’t have. Liam understands everything that is said to him but cannot respond other than by smiling or crying.

So, as you can see, 1000km in 30 hours is not a big ask for us, to try and help this local family.

But here comes the big ask.

Would you help us to try and raise some cash towards this target?

We have set up a page on Just Giving

Thank you, from everyone at 4Com


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  • Thanks Steve
    For those of you wondering, that’s me on the right, I’m also sporting a rather nifty Movember tache!
    Good luck with your own bike rides in the coming months.

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