Clapham Rovers

A History of Clapham Rovers

A History Of Clapham Rovers Association Football Club 1869-1914

The Clapham Rovers were the fifth club to lift the F.A. Cup, yet little is known about them, including the fact that they actually existed for 45 years. An elite club for over a decade, their decline was even quicker.

For the first time, the story of the Rovers (association club) is now told from their first match under F.A. rules at Hitchin, through to World War One when the club suspended operations and never re-emerged at the end of the hostilities.

This book charts the fortunes of the club with the pinnacle being in 1880 when they lifted the F.A. Cup and later its failed attempts to re-establish itself via the Mid-Surrey League and the A.F.A. The mystery of the Rovers various home grounds is addressed and the exact location on Wandsworth Common is identified for the first time, along with many later grounds as the club embarked on a semi-nomadic existence.

There are biographies of some of the clubs leading lights and the players who lost their lives in
World War One.
The Book includes:
· 200+ Pages
· Photographs
· Full statistics of results and appearances
· Profiles of 20+ players
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This is Rob Cavallini’s twelfth book having previously published books about the Corinthian-Casuals,
Barnet, the Wanderers and Islington Corinthians world tour, which were largely a result of his love of
pre-World War Two amateur football history. The lockdown period provided the author with
opportunity to develop a number of projects of which Clapham Rovers is the first to be completed.


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