Tools for tough walking!!

BungyPump walking poles are Swedish made unique training poles with inbuilt suspension and up to 4 or 6 kg resistance.

They provide much better training than conventional walking poles – a stronger body, higher calorie consumption and better fitness.

The suspension poles are used in fitness, healthcare and rehab. BungyPump is an all-around, effective training tool that makes exercise much more fun!

Up to 70% increased burning of calories compared to regular walking.

90% of the body´s muscles are activated when BungyPump walking.

You decide yourself how much you want to push them.

Adjustable length, suits the whole family.

Can be used by everyone – regardless of age, fitness and gender

Exercises fitness and strength at the same time.

They are soft and gentle for shoulders and elbows.

Recommended by medical experts and used in rehabilitation.

We sell the BungyPump walking poles all over the Spain.
Delivery time 48h.


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