Brilliant Sponsors

East Kent School and Workwear Centre

I was talking to my friends at Old Pepys Veterans recently and they were very excited about their new sponsors. It’s easy for the Manchester Uniteds and Liverpools of this world to attract sponsors at millions of pounds a time but the further down the leagues you go, the more difficult it becomes. I said to Ben to put me in touch with the sponsors and I would be happy to give them a little love. A few days later, I got a nice tweet from Pete Morris at East Kent School and Workwear Centre and thanked him for his support.

I asked how the company got involved and why they decided to support the vets. He said, “Well, we are a school and workwear supplier in our 2nd quarter of trading. We are a family run business with myself, mother and sister. Due to shortages and obstacles in obtaining school uniform during the pandemic and realising I had a supply chain right under my nose we decided to start the business. We got involved in the club due to my personal involvement in it and I suggested from the off that a small investment in shirt space would infinitely improve our ability to find clients…so we did. I’ve know Ben for over 10 years now and we’ve always been involved I grassroots football and now the timing seemed perfect to align our thoughts again.”

So, here we have it a small new start business supporting a small new start club. It sounds a perfect mix. I wished Pete (a Charlton fan) every success and said I hoped to catch up for a coffee when this xxxxshow is over. I promised to add him to a new website I am building
in appreciation for his efforts. It’s the least I can do.

If you are a club with a sponsor you would like to showcase or if you sponsor a club, drop me a line here and I will be happy to do what I can for you too. No cost, my way of thanking those who support The Beautiful Game in these difficult times.

Stay safe, everyone.


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