OK, guys. Here we go again!

I am HUGELY disappointed about the whole the Brexit situation and repercussions and do not try to hide that.#BrexitDebacle

I am now decided to set a website up to support British Expats and our desire to stay in Europe. This will, of course, be Spain-centric

As well as the website. I will also be “cycling” (TBC) from Gibraltar to Westminster to explain our disgust at being sold down the Ebro!

Last year I did a 90 days digital tour through Spain that was (arrogantly!) very successful. Thanks, guys! This time, time is of the essence so it’s thinking caps on time!

My current thinking is to start the journey in Gibraltar, to “cycle” through Andalucia along the Costa del Sol into Malaga up to Granada, into Murcia, along the Levante and up to the French border via Catalonia. From there it will be hot-speed to Westminster via Perpignan, Lyon The Jungle and Paris.

As I go through the various towns, cities and regions I shall meet the local expats and immigrants who will tell me about their lives and how Brexit can/will change it. I am a democrat and will also take content from those who want to exit (if I can find any, but I won’t look hard!!) The expats can tell me how much they love Manilva, what their life is and, of course, pimp their beauty salon or estate agency. (I expect nothing for nothing!)
I am also being encouraged to promote the trip on another large FB remain group.


This is a HOT topic and I am NOT 100% sure how I will “cycle”. More details ASAP.

Many thanks to all who have offered to assist. APPRECIATED.

This event will be a huge media circus and I will be delighted to feature all expats who are concerned that we have been sold down the Thames, Seine, Danube etc!

This is a bare skeleton, if you have any ideas and what your names/businesses more prominently mentioned, just SHOUT. Although this is my 5th/6th similar gig, I am learning every time.



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