Amidst all the controversy about the new Atlético de Madrid club badge, it’s good to see that the Brentford badge above has been accepted rather more positively.

The club write,

“Over the past 18 months we have been consulting with fans, staff, the owner and other stakeholders about our Club crest.

Having heard a wide range of opinions we have made the decision to update it, and now we are excited to reveal our new Brentford FC Club crest to all of our fans.

Although our current crest naturally means a lot to all Brentford fans, it also causes us challenges. There are two fundamental reasons why we are updating it.

Firstly, its complicated design makes it impractical to use, particularly at small sizes. It was designed in 1993 before the digital revolution and does not replicate well in many online media and printed items. We regularly run into difficulties in these areas.

Secondly, there are lots of elements in the design fighting for attention. This contributes to our crest not being nearly as recognisable as other clubs’ crests. In an independent survey of football fans we found our crest to be significantly less recognisable than other London teams – among national and local respondents.

By solving these problems and introducing a much more iconic design, we believe that our new crest will strengthen our identity, help raise our profile and better demonstrate our status as an ambitious, forward-thinking Club. All of which are vital as we aim to build a sustainable future.”

For those who want to learn even more about the design process, there is a comprehensive overview here.


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