Best Shirts Ever

Maradona – Shirt of God

The Sunday Mirror yesterday published the results of a poll among fans to find the Best Shirts Ever. Quite obviously, this was going to be very subjective but nevertheless the results were interesting.

Cantona – God

Full list:
1 Napoli 90/91
2 AC Milan 88/90
3 Manchester Utd
4 Sampdoria 90/92
5 Juve 83/86
6 Real Madrid 95/96
7 Newcastle United 95/97
8 Barcelona 76/78
9 Ajax 94/95

A few moments later a fellow member of a favourite Facebook group, English Football of the 1980s, kindly linked to a 2015 poll which had some interesting alternatives and chose the West Germany shirt of 1988-1991. It was indeed an iconic shirt and was the very last shirt designed for West Germany pre-reunification in 1990 and the one they wore at Italia 1990.

Of course, this is really the best ever!

“The Shirt” Oslo, 2011

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