Barcelona to Gibraltar

I came across this today and thought it needed a huge amount of extra support

Hi everyone and welcome to my campaign!

I’m Ilse, and on the 11th of November 2016, I’m starting a barefoot journey of more than a 1000 km via the coast from Barcelona to Gibraltar, to raise money for the less privileged children in and around the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

Besides raising funds, I would also like to raise awareness to the fact that almost half of the Kenyan population lives under the poverty line and many children have to walk barefoot to school every single day. Most of the roads in rural Kenya are not paved which causes painful wounds on little feet, this combined with poor hygiene and malnutrition easily leads to serious infections.

During this challenging walk, I will carry my two-year old daughter on my back in an African “Kitenge” just like the Kenyan momma’s do it! This means that besides carrying our 8 kg camping gear and clothes, I will be carrying an extra load of approximately 12 kg on my back.

I am hoping to walk about 10 to 15 km barefoot everyday, so the journey will take more or less a 100 days. Every night, I will ask the locals for a ‘garden camping spot’, so we can sleep legal, safe and free. Donations can be made here The funds raised will be used to buy children’s shoes, food and LifeStraw water filters. As usual, we will personally deliver the goods in Nairobi and the rural areas of Kenya. We will take photos of the children with their new shoes and supplies.

Thank you for your donation click here and know that you will help many children!


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