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Aston Villa Fans – Gambia

I watched a fascinating Amazon Prime programme this week about how football, our “Beautiful Game” has brought about peace in Rwanda after the genocide in the 1990s during the Rwandan Civil War. “This Is Football” is an exceptional programme on many levels but one thing I particularly focused on was the absolute PASSION of Rwandese from every ethnic group for Liverpool Football Club. This is still a poor country, very poor in fact, but at the weekly Premier League games absolutely everybody is wearing a Liverpool shirt. I spotted classics from the 90s, to retros, the odd keeper’s shirt and even some of the latest scarecly worn away shirts. Their passion for the club is unlimited. Watching two of them visit Anfield with tears of happiness at being able to see their beloved team was actually quite emotional.

By absolute total coincidence today, I “met” Pete Fincham on Facebook today. He is an Aston Villa fanatic based in Hampshire who selflessly collects old Villa shirts (any size/season) to send to the Villa fans in Gambia. I had no knowledge that Villa were so avidly followed there. I was happy to be educated.

He says,

Proud Villa Fans – Gambia

“My name is Pete Fincham and I am the Chairperson of the Official Aston Villa Solent Lions Club based in Hampshire in the UK. I am a Villa season ticket holder in the Lower Holte L7 Row D end seat and as you can see from the photo’s below our Lions Club has been sending any old Villa shirts, wrong size shirts or any other Villa memorabilia to the Gambian Lions who are organised by Kevin Boucal and Ebrima Sonko. So if you have any old shirts, new shirts, slightly too small shirts or slightly too big shirts and would like to send them to The Gambia I will be collecting at the Holte End. So why not say hello and bring me a shirt or two for these crazy mad Villa fans from Africa in The Gambia, thank you.”

If you don’t visit Villa but have any shirt that you can donate to the cause please do get in touch with Pete on Facebook or simply mail anything to Pete Fincham, 47 Marlborough Gradens, Hedge End, Southampton S030 2UT. He also says that they can accept any shirt from any club that they will sell it off and with the money raised, they will buy Villa merchandise.

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