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When the Covid-19 lockdown started in March 2020 it forced many of us to finally sort out the plethora of boxes littered around our houses. For Manny Hawks that meant finding space for his childhood football sticker albums that he had never brought himself to get rid of. Without the regular captive audiences of his secondary school history classes he thought why not turn some of these snapshots into something else? With a bad pun, a picture of Wimbledon man Peter Fear and a blank Word document ‘A Sticker’s Worth 500 Words’ was born.

Within a month close friends Richard Allinson and Emlyn Jones began contributing their stories and the team was complete when Mat Jolin-Beech added his first post in May. 211 posts and over 60,000 views since the blog went live we’re still reminiscing on the greats of the game, the unsung heroes and just about anyone else who happened to turn out for Crystal Palace, Grimsby Town, Reading or Manchester United since the late 1980s. For every Roberto Baggio there’s a James Harper, for every Eric Cantona there’s an Ivano Bonetti. Whoever it might be there’s an old football sticker and a story or two for good measure.

We’re happy to do requests, particularly about any former star with an exceptional haircut, and are always up for a bit of friendly back and forth on our social media platforms of Twitter and Instagram as long as we can find a suitably classic adhesive image of the players of your choice.

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