A Big Day


It’s an exciting day, I have been in contact with Bjørn and we are in agreement. Today, I have sent out the project for 2014 to a handful of key people asking them for their initial thoughts and advice. Tomorrow, I shall outline the whole plan to everybody. It’s been frustrating bouncing so many ideas about but it’s a great feeling to finally have “everything” (joke) nailed down.

At this stage, I really only wish to thank those who have been working with me to plan the trip. In no particular order HUGE thanks to Stig & Carola at BoISmaland, Jan at Skinny Fiber, Mark Nessfield, Pete at HotCosta, Keith at Club Torrevieja, Roger Cummiskey, Helen Johnson at Property Quest International. Ali Meehan at Costa Women, Sam Campbell at Business 1st, William at Málaga Bike Solutions, Gil at Sun Park, Lanzarote and Mike and Sue at Sun Haven Guest House.

I must make one VERY special mention – to David Blight who looked after me after the hit-and-run incident. He gave me his 10 NOK, four years ago, when I could hardly walk, never mind cycle. He KNEW I’d bounce back. I’ll never forget that, amigo! You will meet them all these guys in the weeks to come.

Final words to Young Gil at Sun Park. “Steve, I hear some people are saying you are crazy to do this trip. They are WRONG. You’d be crazy NOT to do it!”(To put this into context Gil has known me 15 years. He has known about the health issues, the hospital visits, the fire …. everything. HIS opinion is VALID!)

Tomorrow, I hope that I will be able to upload the project and the draft route….which WILL change!


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