2023 Tour

Those of you who know me, know that travelling has been difficult recently. Sixteen months in hospital, a few complications but some FANTASTIC work by each and every professional in the NHS and I am still here. #FeelingGrateful

After what seems an eternity, I am back on the road again. Sadly, no cycle marathons and not even a tuk-tuk tour (more of that shortly) but at least I am travelling and I am delighted to say that I will be pretty much returning to where I was when Covid rules came into force in Sweden and I could not continue to Estonia.

Flying is still a grey area with the doctors so I am taking part in a (semi-) organised bus tour from Poland to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. I found out about an incredible tour being organised by Hané Vähäkoski and he kindly allowed me to join for just the latter part. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to travelling again. I really feel like a caged bird.

Hane is a seasoned traveller with over 90 countries to his name and this tour will start in his native Finland go through Western Europe, down to Italy and back up to Finland. In the real world he works unceasingly for a Ukrainian Peace Project so I am definitely looking forward to hearing more about that too. Check this

You literally pay for a percentage of the costs and can make your own arrangements re food/accommodation if you do not like his suggestions. There are still a couple of places left for some/all of the trip so please do not hesitate to contact Hané if you want to join us and/or you want to learn more or about the tour. His English is faultless, no excuses!

So, what will I be doing apart from feeling “free” and enjoying the countryside. I will, of course, be visiting football stadiums and watching matches. Some things never change! It looks like I can visit stadiums in Kraków, Warsaw and Katowice but sadly no games are scheduled. From there it is on to Kaunas where there IS a game (Kauno Zalgiris v Siauliai FA) before I get to se HJK in Helsinki. I bid farewell to Hané and the other guests in Finland and return via Stockholm (AIK or Brommapojkarna?), Strömstad and Copenhagen/Malmö. I then move from buses to trains to take benefit of Germany’s 49 euro Ticket and hopefully catch some pre-season friendlies or early Europa Conference League fixtures.

In Sweden I am grateful to the guidance of Mats at www.Idrottsplats.se Anyone interested in Swedish groundhopping should definitely check his website and subscribe to his monthly newsletter.

Obviously, if anybody wants to meet me along the way, that would be fabulous. The coffee/pizza is on me!


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