2020 -2021 Part 3

The season is nearing (hopefully!) and the shirts keep coming through!
Brighton and Hove Albion

Who better to tell us about Brighton’s new shirt than my friend and fellow Hispanophile, Russ Pearce. Russ is a huge Brighton (and Real Betis) fan living in Spain.

“In recent years, blue and white stripes have been the combination of choice for Brighton and Hove Albion. For the 2020/21 season they have decided to break with recent tradition and have released a first kit which is predominately blue with white pinstripes running down the front. It has divided fans like Marmite! Younger fans cannot believe the stripes have been abandoned, whereas older fans will recognise it as a homage to the FA Cup finalists of 1983. Sadly, that season and that kit also saw the end to their only other stint in the top flight of English football!!

Modelled here by Brighton fan and author of www.anythingbutpaella.com in Spain, you’ll see the white collar rather stands out. Worn with the button undone it’s fine, but few fans like the buttoned up version comparing it to a girl’s blouse!!! The new kit made a successful debut with a victory at Burnley to close out the 2019/20 season.”

Anything But Paella – A Different Side of Spainanythingbutpaella.com

Norwich City

Relegated from the “Top Flight” at the end of 2019/2020, they will be promotion candidates again such is their yo-yo existence.

Leyton Orient

I think the shirt designs are fine but much more important is the story behind it. It is far too good a story to be squeezed into a blog post like this, so please see the Harry Kane post.

Blackburn Rovers (VERY unofficial)

… and don’t forget to keep your sense of fun during these challenging times.
This T-shirt was sent to me by a Blackburn Rovers fan. Their neighbours Burnley finished in the top half of the Premiership but let’s not get facts stand in the way of local rivalry!

Manchester United 2020 – 2021

I am struggling to know what to say about my beloved Manchester United’s shirt. The pluses are that it is red and the sponsor’s badge is not that of a betting company. Apart from that …..

Predictably there are multiple new shirts to be lapped up by eager rich buyers from Korea to the Cook Islands. All at www.ManUtd.com


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