116 Football Club Cycle Challenge

Mark Crowther – Route 2023

I have been in communication with Mark Crowther over the past few days. He has a similar plan to my “Doing the 92” but he’s doing the 116. Yes, Mark is cycling to the 92 clubs in the EPL and EFL but also to the National League’s 24 grounds. I have said that I will offer him whatever support I can and if he wants to make it 117 he is most welcome to visit the Theatre Of Farce that is the home of my beloved FC Deportivo Galicia. As we ground share with Bedfont Sports of the Isthmian League and are literally 50 yards from Bedfont and Feltham who groundshare with British Airways that would be a nice round 120 teams!

I asked Mark to introduce himself and he kindly sent me this interesting piece,

Mark’s 116 Football Club Cycle Challenge 2023

My name is Mark, I am 56 and a loyal Luton Town supporter of more than 40 years. My other passion is cycling and during the 21/22 season, I cycled to all 26 Luton Town away games, cycling nearly 3,000 miles, raising £16,000 for 3 brilliant charities.

This season, once again, I will be combining my 2 passions of football and cycling to set myself the daunting challenge of cycling to all of the 116 football clubs in the Premiership, Championship, League 1 & 2 and also the national league, cycling 2,500 miles in 34 days starting at Carlisle United on 5th April and finishing at Luton Town on 8th May.

I am taking on this challenge to raise awareness and hoping to raise £15,000, £5,000 for each of the 3 mental health and cancer charities which I am proud to support the unbelievable work they carry out.

Prostate Cancer UK – Is most common cancer in men with a. Every 45 minutes one man dies of prostate cancer, raising awareness helps to reduce the risk of prostate Cancer.

Mind – 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems Mind offer a network of support centres nationally and within local communities and helplines that receives over 118,000 calls each year. No one should face mental health problems alone.

Teenager Cancer Trust – Every day 7 young people between 13-24 years are diagnosed with cancer. TCT operate specialist units in NHS hospitals and fund a support network for young people facing cancer and their families.

Mark Crowther

I am feeling nervous about the challenge but also excited to support these great charities and also, to get the opportunity, to meet so many wonderful people on my challenge, the football community really does come together to support those in need. 

Details of my challenge can be found on my website detailed below which also includes a link to the Just Giving donation page if you are able to support my challenge https://www.markfootballcyclechallenge.co.uk/

Thank you for all the support, encouragement and generosity, it is really appreciated.

Best Wishes


Guys, I know many of you have direct contacts at these 116 clubs. If any of you can open doors or even meet Mark at the stadiums for a coffee and a photo I know how grateful he would be. I also know cycling 8 hours to be met with locked gates and no way to even take a photo (yes, Leeds United!) is tough so if you can introduce Mark to the media manager or community manager I’m sure he would be delighted! I’m working my way through the lists but any help is welcome. Mark is doing the hard yards but any contact at a City, a United or a Rovers would be gratefully appreciated by him. Likewise contacts with radio stations, local newspapers etc will make his preparations much easier. There is nothing worse than cycling to the stadium to be told, “Oh, Mr Jones left 15 minutes ago. If only you had called!”

Speak to Mark direct or ping me and I will put you in touch.


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