The 1,000,000 Seat Challenge

*The 1,000,000 Seat Challenge*

What you need to know!

What is the 1,000,000 Seat Challenge?

Stadium Hoppers and have combined their force to create the 1,000,000 Seat Challenge! The aim: to visit stadiums with a cumulative capacity of 1,000,000 seats. The target is between 26th December 2017 and 26th January 2018! During this time The Stadium Hoppers Team will be embarking on a very special set of Hops!

Effectively this is a Beat The Boss Style Challenge. We want all Stadium Hoppers to join in!

What are the rules?

The rules are simple and anyone can join in!
To class a Stadium as “visited” you need to either visit a game, go inside or physically touch the stadium!
All Stadiums or Arenas that host sport can count – however big or small!
If you’d like to be eligible for 1,000,000 Seat Challenge prizes you’ll need a selfie at each stadium you visit.
What can I win?!

1st Prize: Stadium Hoppers sports map of your choice

2nd Prize: Limited Edition Stadium Hoppers Beanie

3rd Prize: Terrace Battles Card Game

Everyone who achieves over 500,000 will receive a sheet of our new Stadium Hoppers stickers to do with what they wish!

How do I join in?

Powered by, the site will be a leaderboard to chart your progress and show how you compare to other Stadium Hoppers! It takes less than a minute to sign up and if you already have a login, then you can use this!


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