Announcing The Glowmark™ Arrow

The Glowmark™ Arrow is an ECO-Friendly Boundary Marker Safety System which provides an alternative to electric lighting. Glowmark™ is an innovative product which provides a warm, green, distinctive glow during the night and in low level lighting conditions.

It is an ideal boundary safety marker system as it is not dependant on electricity. The unique patented crystal technology at the core of Glowmark™ emits light for up to 29 hours after just 8 minutes exposure to daylight or artificial light and has been designed to meet European Union Safety Directives. (Glowmark™ light emissions have been evaluated by the German Institute for Standardisation under their 67510 standard).

The current design of Glowmark™ is in the shape of an arrow measuring 5.8cms in length, 6.0cms in width and 0.5cm high, which has a specifically designed bevelled covering, calculated to dissipate precipitation, dirt and debris so that it is virtually maintenance free. Other designs such as GlowStrips and GlowLetters are currently in development.

A Glowmark™ marker is guaranteed to glow for 5 years, but in practise lasts much longer.

The photo above shows a popular installation, use and application for GlowMark Arrow™.

The photo below Shows GlowMark Arrow™ at night time or in low light conditions.

The active component in the Glowmark™ Arrow and all other Glowmark™ products is the lens containing our unique Crystal Glow Compound, SGCMkII. These crystals have been specially treated with the result that they absorb light and then emit a soft glow for many hours afterwards. In practical testing, after only 8 minutes of exposure to daylight, a Glowmark™ marker will glow for 12 hours, i.e. more than enough to last throughout the night. More technical information here

Distributors and agents are now required throughout Spain and globally. More details here Equally, if you wish to become a customer or specifier please do not hesitate to make contact with us.


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  • Dear Steve you are a Glowing Example to us All! Our warmest well wishes and the best of British to on your tour around the UK Doing The 92 from Andrew and all of the team at The Synergymc2 Network/GlowMark. Everyone Will be able to “Follow The Glow & Know Where You Are Glowing!!!”
    I have added you to face book and twitter and am spreading the word through all of my network and contacts. Everyone’s Paying It Forward for you Steve. Love & Light.

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