The day started well ….. and got better! I awoke in the prestigious Harpenden House Hotel where BNI member Katherine Webster-Brown had organised a “deal of the century” for me. A spotless single room with bath and shower, free biscuits and coffee. Deep, deep joy! (What no bunk beds? No 16 drunken student mixed dormitories?)

If anybody is in the Harpenden, Hemel, Luton or St Albans area then this hotel is highly recommended. I say this not only because I got a great rate but more so because the level of service was second to none. When I arrived on the bike, there was no problem for the helpful receptionist. He checked the diary and locked it away in an unused conference room. I mused that he had not been to the same charm school as the “receptionist” in Waterloo who told me to put it on the roof terrace which was conveniently 4 floors up on a spiral staircase.

If the welcome exceeded any reasonable expectation then the room and its facilities were simply the icing on the cake.

Thanks Kathryn, today I feel human!

From the hotel, it was a short 45 minute cycle to the Chariots BNI breakfast in the elegant Verulam Golf Club (Home of the Ryder Cup!) The meeting was excellent and the welcome afforded to me by Kathryn, Katherine, Chris and others was equallly inspiring. It was also nice to see an old friend Garry Rogers who I had not met for at least 10 years! I’m not sure who was most surprised, Garry or Steve. Thanks all.

Professional photographer Chris Hawkes is the chapter education co-ordinator and he was ready and waiting to take some great photos. Thanks, Chris


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