Day 6

Tuesday started with a great BNI meeting and then after a few phonecalls, blogs, tweets etc it was off to another lunch-time BNI presentation. It was also “the big day” as I realised that the promised bike was now as likely as Gillingham winning the premiership and I took up John’s kind offer of a loan bike. It’s not entirely suitable for the entire journey but it will get me around London. Thanks John.

I also got some photos through from Rob at Enfield futsal to replacement the ones that I screwed up and as you can see below my great friend Simon Ellinas completed a great caricature of Ecademy founder Penny Power.

Penny has been a true supporter of the project since day one (and before!) and manifestly “walks the walk” as far as supporting Ecademy members is concerned. Penny, your support is massively appreciated.


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