Day 10

I guess this was “The Big One” After an appalling night’s sleep in the worst doss house in London I was pleased to wipe my feet on the way out of the B&B (!) and set sail, as it were. An hour later and I was soaked to the skin as I pedalled into Stamford Bridge. The security guy at Chelsea was a lot of fun and wished me well but said that it was impossible to see the pitch, meet anybody or generally breathe! He was very apologetic and amazed by Björn’s project but anything more than a trip round the outside of the ground was a no-no. Anyway, I had a good look around the outside and I have to say that it looks very impressive.

Had a chat with a group of Swindon fans who were in London for the League One play-offs but sadly they had no spare tickets so it was on with the journey. Next stop was Fulham’s Craven Cottage. It has always been a favourite ground and although it is so olde worlde, the fans are really proud of this season’s achievements. The guy in the shop thought I was mad and came out to be photographed with the scarf you see. Sad memories of what might have been against Atletí a few weeks before.

Friends own an electrical shop nearby and although not soccer fans themselves the Brothers Khwaja were keen to help and rustled up a WBA shirt from a friend of theirs who supports the Baggies. So, Fulham’s Electrotex are now also on board.

From there it was off to Brentford where I was regaled by a very drunk Brentford fan who had been to many of the 92 grounds supporting his beloved Brentford FC. Their ground Griffin Park is unique in that it has a pub on every corner. Sadly, the landlady wanted 30 pounds for the night and my budget does not stretch to that. So, off I went to the hostel via QPR’s Loftus Road. By now, I was absolutely drenched and hardly stopped for longer than to muse that this is a club that has had some great players over the years but never “quite” made it. Perhaps next season as football fans the world over hope!

So 4 clubs and I felt the journey had really begun.


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