Well, it’s been quite a ride. Firstly let me apologise for the lack of new posts. Here’s a Readers’ Digest. On 14th November I had a cardiac arrest – full works. I was “dead” for 75 seconds and brought back to life by the ambulance staff. In all honesty, I felt nothing. I can’t say I had a chest pain or any pain. One moment I was OK. The next thing was coming round in Charing Cross Hospital. The next day, I was transferred to Hammersmith Hospital where I was successfully operated on. From there it was to Ealing Clayponds where I spent two weeks in a Covid isolation ward and now three months later, I am very fortunate to be alive.

I am out of care, off oxygen and in a hospital discharge unit. I also broke my tib/fib and unfortunately that has not mended well but that’s not life-threatening. No sweat. Hence my radio silence.

Before I do anything, I want to thank everybody who has been in contact to wish me well. Your kind thoughts were appreciated greatly. Thanks.

I’m still in bed 24 hours a day and one of the things that has kept me sane is a new passion for jigsaws. I don’t think I had done one in 50 years but I really enjoy them and have found and created hundreds. It will come as a surprise to nobody that many are football-related. I have added a few here and hope you enjoy doing them too!

Oops! I see that the hospital has a very strong firewall and it won’t let me upload the jigsaws, I will find a workround. Be right back!


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