Doing The 92

My name is Steve Hall. I am a Brit who lives in Spain and who loves football.

In 2010 I cycled to all the 92 football league clubs in England and Wales. I set off in May and finished on 23 September 2010. I was met with almost universal kindness, hospitality and friendship.

Please check through the site to learn more about the project, the people involved and how you can also help and get involved.




SK Rapid Wien

SK Rapid Wien

Since the start of our official collaboration with SK Rapid Wien we created two successful retro shirts. Today we have launched number three, the 1976-1977 home shirt.

With newcomers Herbert Feurer and Helmut Kirisits on board, Rapid Vienna approached the 1976-77 season determined to bring the Bundesliga title back to the club. However the power in the Austrian game during much of the 1970s lay in the Tyrollean capital of Innsbruck and SSW proved too strong and too consistent. Trophies may not have been forthcoming for Rapid but goals certainly were. The division’s goalscoring sensation once again was the international centre forward Hans Krankl who fired home 32 goals in 35 League games.

All COPA SK Rapid Wien retro shirts can be found online at, in the club fanshop, and via selected retailers and online resellers.


Win a shirt signed by the brand new Barça signing, Philippe Coutinho.

Coutinho is a Barça player

The player comes to the Club for the remainder of the 2017/2018 season and five more, and will have a buyout clause of 400 million euros.

Barça’s new Brazilian midfielder admitted he is “very happy” to have signed for the Club and that he had “often dreamed of scoring in the shirt”

He is now officially an FC Barcelona player. The Brazilian signed on the dotted line during his official presentation on a busy Monday in the city of Barcelona. The day began with a medical at Barcelona Hospital and at the Club’s Medical Centre and then followed the signing of the contract and his first appearance on the field at Camp Nou in a Barça shirt.

The final event on the packed agenda was a press conference at Barça’s famous stadium in the presence of more than 150 journalists from over 40 different media outlets. Coutinho explained his “anxiousness to begin playing for Barça,” a team for which he confessed to have “dreamt many times about scoring a goal in the shirt.”

“It’s really emotional to wear the shirt of the most important club in the world,” continued the Brazilian international. The midfielder added: “I never had any doubts about signing for the club and it’s an honour to be able to play alongside my heroes. I hope to enjoy it and win trophies.”

More from Coutinho’s press conference:

“I will be lucky to say that I have played alongside Messi and Suárez. Leo Messi is a spectacular player. I am really happy to be able to play with Luis Suárez once again. It’s an honour and he is a good friend who has helped me a lot.”

“It was my dream to come here and these chances are unique. It’s easy to choose Barça because they are the best team in the world. They have the best players and my heroes play here too.”

Enter the draw here to win a very special shirt personally signed by the Brazilian magician himself.

2017 Throwback – Retro Shirts

2017 Throwback – Retro Shirts

As we move into 2018, my friends at Copa are looking back on a selection of many memorable retro shirts they launched in 2017. They say, “It has been a great year where we have been privileged and proud to work with clubs from so many different countries.

But make sure you stay tuned, because the best is yet to come. Many more exciting collaborations will be revealed in 2018.

As a thank you to all our customers, fans and followers we want to offer you a
10% DISCOUNT on your next purchase via, to start 2018 in a good way. Discount code ‘COPA2018’ is valid through January 31, 2018.

Happy New Year!”

Common Goal

Common Goal

I am very excited to see the progress that the Manchester United footballer, Juan Mata is making with his Comon Goal project. The Manchester United star is leading a drive to donate a percentage of footballers’ earnings to good causes around the world. Clearly Global football is more awash with money than ever and the Manchester United star Juan Mata is leading a project to give back to the communities that raised today’s stars by redistributing a small percentage of those resources to charitable causes around the world.

The project is called Common Goal. Already he has enlisted many world names in football – men, women and administrators to the project and can already count on the like of

Mata announced in an article for The Players’ Tribune in August 2017 that he was pledging one per cent of his salary to Common Goal, and called for other players to do the same.

He wrote, “So starting today, I am pledging 1% of my salary to Common Goal, a collective fund — run by the award-winning NGO streetfootballworld — that supports football charities around the globe. It’s a small gesture that if shared can change the world.

I’m asking my fellow professionals to join me in forming a Common Goal Starting XI. Together we can create a movement based on shared values that can become integral to the whole football industry — forever.

I am leading this effort, but I don’t want to be alone.

“One of the first lessons I learned in football is that it takes a team to accomplish your dreams. We live by this mantra on the pitch, yet we don’t see it enough in the social space. Common Goal is creating a collaborative way for football to give back to society. It’s the most effective and sustainable way that football can deliver long-term social impact on a global scale. Football has the power to do this, but we need to act together.

So now I would like to call upon my fellow footballers to help. We have so many opportunities simply because we play a children’s game. We are so lucky to live a dream. Let’s come together and help kids everywhere experience that same light and joy. By doing so we can show the wider football industry that Common Goal needs to happen and that it will happen, because it’s right.

The focus now is on contributions from players, but the the long-term goal is to unlock 1% of the entire football industry’s revenues for grassroots football charities that strengthen their communities through sport.

Just last month, I traveled to Mumbai, India, to see one such charity. We went to a slum just outside the main city, and at first it was very hard to comprehend the level of poverty. No child should have to live like that. Seeing the conditions, my spirits were a bit down.

But then we started interacting with the local kids. Their English wasn’t great, and I’m not sure all of them even knew that I was a football player, but we communicated through laughter and the game. If I smiled, they smiled. If I ran, they ran.”



Well, it´s Boxing Day, which is always a HUGE football day in England and I was delighted to receive two emails within minutes – firstly from my friends at Copa and then from Brentford FC which was my local club when I last lived in England. It would be wrong therefore not to share the good news immediately!

Brentford FC Retro Shirts

We are delighted to confirm that Copa has teamed up with West London-based Brentford FC and launched two retro shirts. Both shirts are based on iconic ‘Bees’ shirts from the past.

The Dutch airline KLM sponsored Brentford for many years, including the 1985-1986 season. A big Dutch multinational doing business with a relatively small club from London, It might seem like a bit of a strange fit. But if you ever took a plane to London Heathrow you probably know why KLM was pretty happy with the deal. Just minutes before touchdown, Griffin Park looms up when you are enjoying the London skyline. The roof of the New Road Stand is in full sight for hundreds of people each day. And that is why KLM made sure that ‘Next time you’d better fly KLM’ was written on the roof in big bold letters.

Both retro shirts can be found online at, in the club fanshop, and via selected retailers and online resellers

The 1,000,000 Seat Challenge

*The 1,000,000 Seat Challenge*

What you need to know!

What is the 1,000,000 Seat Challenge?

Stadium Hoppers and have combined their force to create the 1,000,000 Seat Challenge! The aim: to visit stadiums with a cumulative capacity of 1,000,000 seats. The target is between 26th December 2017 and 26th January 2018! During this time The Stadium Hoppers Team will be embarking on a very special set of Hops!

Effectively this is a Beat The Boss Style Challenge. We want all Stadium Hoppers to join in!

What are the rules?

The rules are simple and anyone can join in!
To class a Stadium as “visited” you need to either visit a game, go inside or physically touch the stadium!
All Stadiums or Arenas that host sport can count – however big or small!
If you’d like to be eligible for 1,000,000 Seat Challenge prizes you’ll need a selfie at each stadium you visit.
What can I win?!

1st Prize: Stadium Hoppers sports map of your choice

2nd Prize: Limited Edition Stadium Hoppers Beanie

3rd Prize: Terrace Battles Card Game

Everyone who achieves over 500,000 will receive a sheet of our new Stadium Hoppers stickers to do with what they wish!

How do I join in?

Powered by, the site will be a leaderboard to chart your progress and show how you compare to other Stadium Hoppers! It takes less than a minute to sign up and if you already have a login, then you can use this!

Choose Love


“Choose Love” Christmas pop-up for Help Refugees opens in Soho
18 Broadwick Street, London 24 until end of January 2018

Choose Love is the world’s first shop where you can buy real products for refugees. From emergency blankets to school bags and medical equipment, you can shop to your heart’s content, leave with nothing, and feel great. All funds raised will go directly to UK charity Help Refugees supporting their vital work across Europe and the Middle East.

The innovative store will be beautifully designed to create an uplifting yet meaningful retail experience – a striking space where people can learn about refugees while doing something practical to help.

Help Refugees is a pioneering organisation working on the frontline of the refugee crisis in Europe and beyond. Founded in 2015 as part of a grassroots movement of volunteers, in just two years they have become one of the most prominent and effective humanitarian aid organisations working directly with refugees.

Josie Naughton CEO of Help Refugees, “It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to have a bed, a blanket and a roof over our heads. For thousands of refugees this winter, these basic human needs are completely out of reach. This shop is all about one simple idea: that we should all choose love this Christmas and help those in need”

The pop-up store has been created by creative collective Glimpse, whose mission is to use creativity for good. They were behind the impactful campaign last year where all the adverts in Clapham Common tube station were replaced with pictures of cats.

The space in the heart of Soho has been provided by Shaftesbury – a Real Estate Investment Trust who invest exclusively in London’s West End. It will showcase a range of items that represent the three phases of a refugee’s experience: Arrival, Shelter and The Future. The curated selection of items, such as blankets and gloves, are all items distributed by Help Refugees on the front lines of the refugee crisis. Each item on sale is accompanied by short stories about how and why it was chosen.

Visitors to the store simply take an item’s tag to the till or buy directly from one of the store staff. Along with their purchase, visitors can find out about the work of Help Refugees through the charity’s staff.

The items on sale will include emergency blankets, children’s shoes, warm socks mobile phone credit and more. Costs will range from £4.99 to £499 with an option to even ‘buy the store’. James Turner from Glimpse: “We want charity giving to become as much a part of the festive shopping experience as secret Santa and stocking fillers. This Christmas we’re hoping people will come together, Choose Love and buy gifts for refugees who truly need them.”
The team have also opened an online store. Through December passers-by can also expect surprise celebrity staff, events and special promotions.


Opening: 24 November 2017 Closing: 31 January 2018
Address: 18 Broadwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 8HS
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 – 6 pm, Sunday 12 – 6 pm

Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest

Three New Nottingham Forest Shirts

I got a mail from my friends at Copa today ….

“We recently launched our first official Nottingham Forest retro collection and today we have added three brand new polyester shirts, based on the shirts worn during Forest’s glory days in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

Led by Brian Clough, Nottingham Forest were the very unexpected European Cup winners in 1979. Having surprised the continent a year earlier, Forest were back in 1980 to surprise a few more people by doing the very same thing again. Nottingham Forest retained their European crown against HSV and remain the only club to have won the European Cup more often than their own national League.

All Forest classic retro shirts take you back to relive the rich history of the club. All shirts are Made in Europe with great care and pride, using the best possible fabrics for the right vintage look & feel. As a finishing touch all items are packed in luxury gift boxes.

The Nottingham Forest retro collection can be found online at, in the Forest Fanshops, and via selected retailers and online resellers.”

Kick It Out

Brentford star, Romaine Sawyers, joins Kick It Out for a unique sign language workshop

Romaine Sawyers joined Kick It Out representative Paul Mortimer in highlighting deaf sport at a primary school in Twickenham yesterday, as part of his role as an ambassador for the organisation.

More than 80 pupils from Chase Bridge Primary School took part in an exciting sign language workshop with the country’s only full-time, deaf football coach – Ben Lampert, who works for Brentford FC Community Sports Trust. To help raise awareness of disability in sport, pupils also unlocked their creative potential and designed posters that highlight deaf football. “If a football player or someone of a profession I was interested in came into my school when I was younger; I would have probably listened that little bit more,” Romaine said.
“I need to use the platform I have to try and make a difference.”

Kick It Out, football’s equality and inclusion organisation, has received widespread recognition for tackling discrimination within football. Although it was originally launched to eliminate racism from the game, Kick It Out expanded its remit in 1997 to challenge all forms of discrimination – whether based on age, disability, faith, gender, gender reassignment, race or sexual orientation. “It was great to work with Romaine, who has been our ambassador for several years now,” said Paul Mortimer, who previously worked as a coach at Brentford and is now Professional Players Engagement Manager at Kick It Out.

“It was fantastic to educate the Chase Bridge Primary School pupils about Kick It Out and our key messages around diversity and inclusion.

“Brentford’s Community Sports Trust does great work so I am pleased that we teamed up with them to raise awareness around deaf sport – I certainly learnt a lot at Ben’s sign language workshop!” “Running these events will help educate the next generation and highlight the importance of disability in football,” said Ben Lampert, who was born profoundly deaf. “For me, becoming involved with Brentford FC Community Sports Trust was the turning point in the development of my coaching career. Through the work of Kick It Out and the Trust, we can raise awareness and provide deaf children with the same opportunities I had.”

Brentford FC CST has had a longstanding commitment to disability projects; the Trust engaged with nearly 500 disabled adults and children last year.

FC Internazionale

New FC Internazionale Retro Shirts & Jacket

About a month ago, we launched the first items of our new FC Internazionale collection. Today we added two iconic retro shirts and a retro jacket.

The shirts and the jacket, made under official license of the Italian superpower, take you back to relive special moments: the Serie A title returned to Inter in some style in 1989 after a nine-year absence. Coach Giovanni Trapattoni fashioned almost an entirely new team based around the very experienced West German pairing of midfielder Lothar Matthaus and full back Andreas Brehme. Ultimately Inter won the title with considerable ease in this record-breaking season.

All items are Made in Europe with great care and pride, using the best possible fabrics for the right vintage look & feel and are packed in luxury gift boxes.

The collection can be found via, in our flagshipstore in Amsterdam and via selected retailers and online resellers. Or in the official webshop and Inter fanstore in Milano.

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