Doing The 92

My name is Steve Hall. I am a Brit who lives in Spain and who loves football.

In 2010 I cycled to all the 92 football league clubs in England and Wales. I set off in May and finished on 23 September 2010. I was met with almost universal kindness, hospitality and friendship.

Please check through the site to learn more about the project, the people involved and how you can also help and get involved.






Yes, I know they are not really shirts (!) but a hero of mine is remembered, The Great Dane.
Yes, my friends at Copa Football have come up trumps again. Read on…

COPA Beanies

Inspired by some of the most iconic football designs in history we have added two beanies to the collection to stand out from the crowd.

Love it or hate it, but the Schmeichel goalie shirt from the 90’s was eye catching to say the least… It took us many sample trials and errors but the Schmeichel beanie is finally here to survive the cold days in style.

Purple and red might not be the most obvious colour combination but the Fiorentina 1984-85 shirt is arguably one of the best shirt designs ever. In our opinion at least, so this gave us the inspiration to create this Socrates beanie.

The beanies can be found on, in our flagshipstore in Amsterdam and via selected retailers and online resellers.

Barcelona Retro

Barcelona Retro

Our friends at Copa Football are very proud to show their official retro collection of yet another iconic club: Futbol Club Barcelona. It’s a new retro collection designed and manufactured under official license to the club.

Barça is “més que un club” “More than a club” and very proud of its unique identity and history. The first collection consists of four classic retro shirts, a Barça captain retro T-shirt and a My First Football Shirt© for the youngest fans. They take you back to relive the rich history of the club. The classic retro shirts are based on the first ever official shirt from 1899 and different historical shirts from the 70’s & 80’s.

The collection can be found via, in their flagship-store in Amsterdam, in various FC Barcelona fanstores and via selected retailers and online resellers.



The world of football suffered its worst ever air accident in November 2016 when a flight carrying the Brazilian team Chapecoense crashed near La Unión, Colombia. Among 41 dead were 19 players. 41 wasted lives and 19 players who would never again wear the green and white shirts of the Chapecó club.

The Spanish newspaper Marca ensured that every Spanish La Liga club would be represented at the proposed memorial museum in Brazil. They hand-delivered the shirts of the 20 La Liga teams of the 2016/2017 teams which had been autographed by the respective players.

The president of Chapecoense, David de Nes, was visibly moved by this demonstration of support from the Spanish teams.

The full article can be found in Marca of 20th January 2017

Win Pique’s Shirt

Win Gerard Pique’s shirt

Win an official Barça jersey signed by Gerard Piqué.

I cannot claim to be a huge Barcelona fan but recognise that this is a great competition for shirt collectors and Barcelona fans from anywhere in the world.

Just click here and register with only an email to win the shirt

…signed by the man himself. Good Luck.

C D Montesinos

C D Montesinos

Once upon a time there was a legend being built at the bottom of the Spanish football pyramid. FC Torrevieja, a “preferente” team (level 5) was attracting crowds of up to 6,000 each home game. Attendances were regularly above 2,000 and all was well. That size crowd is absolutely unheard of at this level. Even stranger is the fact that it was all done via the Torry Army Supporters´Club formed almost exclusively of NON-Spanish fans. The vast majority were expats who were flooding into Torrevieja during the Spanish building boom of 2001-2007. Torrevieja was a small coastal town that doubled in size to over 105,000 in those years with the vast majority being North Europeans looking for sun ….and cheap housing. The bubble burst, thousands went back to the UK and Ireland and the football club imploded.

Many of these expats moved 10 kms up the road to enjoy their football at CD Montesinos who play another two levels down in a league where 100 is considered a good crowd. They liked what they saw, they decided to get involved and the Full Monte was born. These loyal fans have been supporting the village team both home and away to the amusement and surprise (initially) of the local Spaniards who think football is Real Madrid and, maybe Barcelona! Following your “regional” team away from home is definitely considered “strange” and yet week by week in hail, rain or snow (actually sun, sun or sun) the Full Monte faithfully flock to see their heroes.

Europa Energy have now heard of this success story and are happy to sponsor the Full Monte. Their first event is a local derby against Redován on 19th February. Let’s hope that both parties enjoy a mutual benefit.

Incidentally, the CEO of Europa is none other than Graham Barber the ex Premiership and Championship League referee!

CD Montesinos ahead of their top of the table 4-4 draw against Benijófar on 15th January 2016.

Barcelona to Gibraltar

I came across this today and thought it needed a huge amount of extra support

Hi everyone and welcome to my campaign!

I’m Ilse, and on the 11th of November 2016, I’m starting a barefoot journey of more than a 1000 km via the coast from Barcelona to Gibraltar, to raise money for the less privileged children in and around the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

Besides raising funds, I would also like to raise awareness to the fact that almost half of the Kenyan population lives under the poverty line and many children have to walk barefoot to school every single day. Most of the roads in rural Kenya are not paved which causes painful wounds on little feet, this combined with poor hygiene and malnutrition easily leads to serious infections.

During this challenging walk, I will carry my two-year old daughter on my back in an African “Kitenge” just like the Kenyan momma’s do it! This means that besides carrying our 8 kg camping gear and clothes, I will be carrying an extra load of approximately 12 kg on my back.

I am hoping to walk about 10 to 15 km barefoot everyday, so the journey will take more or less a 100 days. Every night, I will ask the locals for a ‘garden camping spot’, so we can sleep legal, safe and free. Donations can be made here The funds raised will be used to buy children’s shoes, food and LifeStraw water filters. As usual, we will personally deliver the goods in Nairobi and the rural areas of Kenya. We will take photos of the children with their new shoes and supplies.

Thank you for your donation click here and know that you will help many children!



Not only are Europa a major telecom provider here in Spain, they are now offering low cost electric services via Europa Energy.

They offer a genuine saving on electric bills with English language support and 100% green energy. If anybody would like to know more, please let me know.

Best Retro Shirts Ever

Best Retro Shirts Ever ……

My friends at Copa sent me an interesting newsletter recently. It made me think what were “THE” best shirts over the years. Obviously, I have a love affair with my first team (Gillingham 1964) and then Manchester United 1979 but many shirts remind me of great teams and great games.

Equally obviously, I love “The Shirt” inspired by the great Bjorn Heidenstrom

…and, of course, there was the England red shirt in the 1966 Cup Final

Copa suggested these:

…..all good talking points!

Hércules de Alicante

Hércules de Alicante

Hércules are a 2B team (third level in Spain) from the Costa Blanca city of Alicante. It’s a club with a proud history but sadly one which has suffered in recent years both on and off the field. As recently as 2010/2011 they were in La Liga with players like Drenthe, David Trezeguet and Nelson Valdez but finished second bottom despite a famous 2-0 victory in the Camp Nou against Barcelona who previously had been unbeaten at home in 16 months!

…and history repeated itself with a Copa del Rey home and away tie versus Barcelona. The home match was a tense 1-1 draw so there was all to play for in the Catalan capital. Sadly, it went horribly wrong as a Barcelona team without Messi Suarez, Neymar and Piqué thrashed the Alicante minnows 7-0.

The anecdote of the game in Barcelona was the shirt that the Alicante team wore. It was white as opposed to the usual blue and white and was issued only for this one game. Although it did not do the away team much good, it was an interesting initiative.

Photo on 21st December 2016



Amidst all the controversy about the new Atlético de Madrid club badge, it’s good to see that the Brentford badge above has been accepted rather more positively.

The club write,

“Over the past 18 months we have been consulting with fans, staff, the owner and other stakeholders about our Club crest.

Having heard a wide range of opinions we have made the decision to update it, and now we are excited to reveal our new Brentford FC Club crest to all of our fans.

Although our current crest naturally means a lot to all Brentford fans, it also causes us challenges. There are two fundamental reasons why we are updating it.

Firstly, its complicated design makes it impractical to use, particularly at small sizes. It was designed in 1993 before the digital revolution and does not replicate well in many online media and printed items. We regularly run into difficulties in these areas.

Secondly, there are lots of elements in the design fighting for attention. This contributes to our crest not being nearly as recognisable as other clubs’ crests. In an independent survey of football fans we found our crest to be significantly less recognisable than other London teams – among national and local respondents.

By solving these problems and introducing a much more iconic design, we believe that our new crest will strengthen our identity, help raise our profile and better demonstrate our status as an ambitious, forward-thinking Club. All of which are vital as we aim to build a sustainable future.”

For those who want to learn even more about the design process, there is a comprehensive overview here.

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